Streamline your crew training process

EFOS Training is a cloud-based system designed to centralise and automate CBTA, EBT, ATQP and classic training processes, ensuring your training programmes are compliance ready and packed full of analytical insights.


Training Forms

Minimise errors, increase operational efficiency, and ensure your forms and workflows are compliance ready, with our automated data and validation functionality.

  • Intuitive Form Design
    User-friendly UX for effortless data entry, enabling trainers to focus on trainees and not complex software.
  • Minimised Resource Impact
    Collaborative approach to configuring and implementing your forms, using our extensive experience and expertise.
  • Critical Data Capture
    Highly accurate data capture for effective qualification tracking and renewal date management.
  • Qualification & Expiry Management
    Traffic light ‘RAG’ dashboard to indicate qualification validity and expiry management of essential documentation.
  • Smart Automation
    Extensive automation and data validation to reduce error rates and improve operational efficiencies.

Powerful Data Insights

Do more with your data. Analytical tools that enable you to evaluate individuals and training programmes, monitor consistency and enhance your overall training delivery.

  • Programme Overview Dashboard
    Bespoke overview charts and grids dashboard for consolidated performance trends and key metrics monitoring.
  • Training Programme Analysis
    Essential tools provide instructor concordance and standardisation analysis for CBTA, EBT, ATQP, mixed and traditional programmes.
  • Personalised Training
    Airline and candidate performance analysis for addressing areas of attention and tailoring training to enhance skills and capability.

Course Management

Simplify the management and delivery of complex training courses with the help of comprehensive visibility and the tracking of course progression and completion.

  • Tailored Courses
    Manage complex training courses with ease, including type rating, operator conversion, and command upgrade courses.
  • Diverse Training Scenarios
    Handles training formats that include ground school, simulator, line training, competency assessments, and regulatory checks.
  • Candidate Management
    Detailed candidate tracking and course progression and performance for better understanding of training requirements.
  • Syllabus Management
    Effortless syllabus tracking and management to enure a seamless end-to-end training experience.
  • Streamlined TrainingExam and form completion automatically updates course status and can be integrated with third-party Learning Management Systems.
  • Enhanced CommunicationComments are shared in a transparent feedback channel to help candidates, trainers and administrators understand progress and performance.

Exams & Surveys

Create and customise your exams and surveys. Distribute through defined resource groups and integrate into your course syllabus to update results automatically.

  • Configurable PermissionsConfigurable system permissions enables administrators to control access and distribution of exams to designated candidates.
  • Effective Exam ManagementEasy exam builder & editor allows bulk import questions, question banks, randomisation techniques and deadline scheduling.
  • Automatic NotificationsExam completion can trigger notifications, providing trainers and administrators with visibility of course and candidate progression.
  • Invaluable FeedbackValuable feedback can be collected via surveys, facilitating enhanced communication and continuous improvement.

Dedicated iPad App

Give your trainers the tools to complete training forms, access historic records, and evaluate performance and progression in any environment, on or offline.

  • Offline CapabilityUninterrupted offline workflow for trainers and candidates, and automatic data synchronisation when a connection is available.
  • Live ValidationReal-time data entry validation with formatted tags and helpful text hints to improve accuracy, synced between the web and iPad.
  • Native iOS ControlsUsing native iOS controls provides consistent feature capability across both the iPad app and the web version.
  • Dark ModeLight and dark modes available to suit external operating environments and personal preferences.
  • Easy DeploymentDeployment through the Enterprise App Store or via enterprise deployment methods.

Automated training management and intuitive user experience


How we work with your team

Our process is iterative and prioirty driven – meaning you get the most urgent forms within only a few weeks.

Product implemented

Before EFOS

Air Malta was struggling with a leave management process that was highly complex and labour intensive. Each leave request had to be processed manually, which meant pilots and cabin crew were forced to wait a long time to get confirmation of their leave.


After EFOS

EFOS Leave replicated the airline’s custom validation rules in the new digital platform. This made the transition smoother, as these rules were already accepted by both union representatives and crew members.


What they said

“The project was delivered very swiftly, enabling Air Malta’s team to quickly realise the benefits of the new software. The team at Evoke were committed and totally onboard for this project. The system was easy to understand, and help was always found along the project.”
Caroline Zammit