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Our Product Suites
EFOS Training Management Suite

A comprehensive suite of tools to support Training Management Processes across the web & iPad

EFOS Leave Management Suite

A sophisticated vacation management system designed exclusively for the aviation industry

EFOS Flight Management Suite

An electronic journey log capturing crucial flight & duty information via our dedicated app

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Founded in 2003 by Captain Mark Linney and Dr Craig Howard, Evoke provide trusted, innovative, and scalable software solutions exclusively to the worldwide aviation sector across flight operations, crew training and vacation management.

With a strong focus on data, our industry leading solutions across the web and iPad support our customers with compliance in a heavily regulated industry, providing critical analytical insights and streamlining operational efficiencies to drive cost benefits and improve staff satisfaction.

Through unparalleled levels of customer service, we work collaboratively with our customers, developing and sustaining strong, long-term relationships that promotes value and excellence in everything we do.

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