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Our Product Suites
EFOS Training Management Suite

Intelligent forms and records, course and candidate progress tracking, and qualification/role profile expiry date monitoring. It supports grading for AQP, ATQP and EBT. It functions with web and iPad parity and works on or offline and most airlines request us to integrate with their other operating systems.

EFOS Leave Management

A sophisticated leave booking system for airline crew via the transparent and deterministic application of the airlines’ prioritisation and validation rules such as points or rank seniority. Most of our clients ask us to integrate the leave system with their rostering system for a holistic view of staff availability.

EFOS Flight Management

An iPad application for flight journey log information, flight folders, alert event and safety reporting which enables commercial analysis of the associated data to deliver a lean airline operating environment. All of our airlines have integrations running with their other operating systems to maximise data efficiency.

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Evoke Systems was founded in 2003 and through our EFOS Product Suites we now support over 50,000 users worldwide.

Our goals today remain as focused as when we started – to digitalise cockpits, operations and training facilities through our specialist software to give improved data insight and timely business intelligence to airlines.

Our products are built for, and tested by, real users in their airline operating environment and our team of talented developers continue to rise to the challenge of ensuring that our products are truly intuitive.

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