An Innovative New Workspace

We have moved!

We are delighted to finally be able to share our exciting news with you – we have moved! Our shiny new office is located in Hethel Engineering Centre (HEC) in the heart of the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor, and we can’t wait to show you round.

An award-winning innovation hub serving the high-performance engineering and manufacturing sector in the East of England, HEC has provided office, workshop and hot-desking facilities for over 200 businesses, supported over 180 start-ups and created over 1,000 jobs since its inception in 2006. 

The Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor is home to the people and businesses shaping the future of food, energy, medicine and mobility. With a vision to “be internationally recognised as a top-tier destination for technology firms looking to establish, grow and cluster”, their programmes assist the thousands of businesses that make the corridor a great place to live and work.

Hybrid Flexible Collaborative Innovative Working Model

On 13th March 2020, the old Evoke office closed its doors, and everyone moved to remote home-working for the foreseeable future. As the Covid pandemic raged on it was clear the traditional landscape of office-based working would be forever changed, with large physical office spaces soon being a thing of the past.

When we slowly started to return to the office last summer, it became apparent that many of our team preferred the new hybrid model of working that we had adopted. The increased autonomy had allowed our team the freedom to choose where and when they wanted to work, enabling them to benefit from an enhanced work-life balance. It also contributed to decreasing the environmental and financial impacts of commuting and allowed team members to be more productive which in turn led to increased job satisfaction.

Whilst there are many benefits to remote working, we also understood that not everyone wanted to move to pure remote working model. After consultation with the team it was clear that some still wanted the option to come into the office to have some much need social or collaboration time with their colleagues, so we didn’t want to give up our physical office space completely. 

Hybrid working is now the “new normal” for Evoke, and our new office in HEC provides the perfect space for our team members to come together at a time that suits them. With modern, open-plan offices, invaluable business support, a very exciting meeting room which features Ayrton Senna’s Lotus mounted to the ceiling and, most importantly for our Development Team, free coffee on tap, HEC was the perfect fit for the Evoke Team. We look forward to welcoming our customers at Hethel Engineering Centre soon. 

Product implemented

Before EFOS

Air Malta was struggling with a leave management process that was highly complex and labour intensive. Each leave request had to be processed manually, which meant pilots and cabin crew were forced to wait a long time to get confirmation of their leave.


After EFOS

EFOS Leave replicated the airline’s custom validation rules in the new digital platform. This made the transition smoother, as these rules were already accepted by both union representatives and crew members.


What they said

“The project was delivered very swiftly, enabling Air Malta’s team to quickly realise the benefits of the new software. The team at Evoke were committed and totally onboard for this project. The system was easy to understand, and help was always found along the project.”
Caroline Zammit