TUI renew their EFOS Leave Management contract for another 5 years

The EFOS Leave Management System has been managing TUI’s Pilots and Cabin Crew leave requests for over five years. Following some major enhancements in the user interface, a new version will be released to TUI in January 2018.

The EFOS Leave Management System uses sophisticated and complex leave prioritisation rules based on varying awarded points, with penal points for more popular vacation dates.  The system’s validations deterministically award leave based on the rules and effectively communicate decisions to the employee in a fair and transparent way. The EFOS Leave Management System also integrates with TUI’s rostering system to update confirmed Leave directly. TUI also use Evoke’s electronic forms for various administration and operational activities.

Evoke’s EFOS Leave Management System can manage any airline leave booking prioritisation rules based on points, seniority, or custom requirements. It handles thousands of requests during bidding periods and is built scalably to manage the high peaks of transactions.

Product implemented

Before EFOS

Air Malta was struggling with a leave management process that was highly complex and labour intensive. Each leave request had to be processed manually, which meant pilots and cabin crew were forced to wait a long time to get confirmation of their leave.


After EFOS

EFOS Leave replicated the airline’s custom validation rules in the new digital platform. This made the transition smoother, as these rules were already accepted by both union representatives and crew members.


What they said

“The project was delivered very swiftly, enabling Air Malta’s team to quickly realise the benefits of the new software. The team at Evoke were committed and totally onboard for this project. The system was easy to understand, and help was always found along the project.”
Caroline Zammit