30th April 2019

Following over 10 years using EFOS Jet2 signs another 5 year contract

Following over 10 years using EFOS, Jet2 has signed another 5 year contract for the EFOS training Management System and EFOS Flight Management Journey Log complete with numerous system integrations

Jet2.com has signed a new 5 year agreement with Evoke Systems to continue supplying Jet2 with the well-established EFOS platform (Evoke’s sophisticated Flight Operations software) and its diverse suite of modules used across all Jet2 operational teams. Having worked closely together for over 10 years, the EFOS Training Records Management System has enabled Jet2 to achieve ATQP status. This new agreement will provide Jet2 with Evoke’s latest  modules and software for Jet2’s training records, qualification and course management tracking requirements, as well as providing future opportunities to work together in other areas of the business.

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