Flybe renews its contract for EFOS Training Management System

Flybe has renewed its contract with Evoke for the supply of its training records management system for another long-term contract. It will also be taking the new EFOS course management module which will allow tracking of both course syllabus and trainee progress through the syllabus.

Flybe are also looking forward to the new roadmap developments planned for later in the year which they have been closely involved in, providing feedback and suggestions for future feature enhancements.  They will be participating in the planned Roadmap workshop in Spring next year.

Product implemented

Before EFOS

Air Malta was struggling with a leave management process that was highly complex and labour intensive. Each leave request had to be processed manually, which meant pilots and cabin crew were forced to wait a long time to get confirmation of their leave.


After EFOS

EFOS Leave replicated the airline’s custom validation rules in the new digital platform. This made the transition smoother, as these rules were already accepted by both union representatives and crew members.


What they said

“The project was delivered very swiftly, enabling Air Malta’s team to quickly realise the benefits of the new software. The team at Evoke were committed and totally onboard for this project. The system was easy to understand, and help was always found along the project.”
Caroline Zammit