19th December 2019

Aviation Consultant Steve Deverall joins Evoke Systems for Evidence Based Training Project

We are delighted to announce that Steve Deverall has joined the Evoke team to work on our exciting new Evidence Based Training “EBT in a box” project.

He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience of training within the aviation industry with over 10 years managing pilot training at Flybe and more recently as Training Standards Manager at Thomas Cook.

Steve has worked alongside Evoke for many years. The long-standing relationship began in 2012 when Steve collaborated with us to develop the EFOS Training Management System (TMS) to support Flybe with its Alternative Training Qualification Programme (ATQP), which was also adopted by some of our other clients. He will now be helping us develop our TMS solution and will be meeting clients to work with them on delivering our “one-stop shop” EBT solution.


EFOS EBT Training Management

Advancements within the aviation industry over the past few decades have been vast. With aircraft technology becoming progressively more complex, an increasing number of airlines are looking to implement EBT for their Flight Crew.

EBT has been designed to move from the traditional task-based, defined scenario style of training to a competency-based approach, better equipping Pilots to deal with and manage unforeseen situations that occur in flight. By mastering a finite number of competencies, Flight Crew are empowered to handle abnormal situations safely, even if they have not received training on these specific scenarios.

EFOS TMS already supports EBT, but we are currently working on a scheme to enable airlines to implement EBT within their training departments in an efficient, streamlined and cost-effective way to ensure competency grading standardisation. Our solution will provide airlines with the required elements to both execute the introduction of, and deliver EBT with our EFOS TMS.

Over the coming months we will be sharing updates on this ground-breaking new development as the project progresses.



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