Client Support and Training

Building strong working relationships is genuinely important to us and we strive to deliver excellent service every step of the way.

New clients are assigned an experienced Project Manager who will be responsible for establishing the timelines, workstreams, resources and dependencies which are agreed through a project plan, which is mutually signed by ourselves and the client.

Our product is built in consideration of the often lean resources available to airlines and we therefore aim to minimise resource impact with our solutions. For example, we build the proprietary intelligent electronic forms, events and workflows on behalf of the client. Thereafter you can build simple forms and make common amendments, but we are on hand to support and build more complex process training forms and course structures. Similarly, we also build the management reporting required by the airline.  In our experience this approach works best to avoid potential delays with onboarding due to operational impacts which can beset airlines.  We understand that airlines do not always have resources with the skills and time required to build electronic forms which have advanced events and workflows attached to them.

As part of the project process you will be provided with a testing environment where key staff can test and gain confidence using the system following training. We aim to make the user journey intuitive to the processes they have been familiar with in paper format. This significantly speeds up the user’s understanding of the EFOS system and minimises the need for training.

Once your system is live you will have a dedicated Account Manager who will be in regular contact with you through quarterly meetings. They will monitor our compliance to the service levels and ask you to benchmark and provide feedback on the service you are receiving via a scorecard. The meetings also enable us to show you new features and new modules that we are working and help to identify any potential training and support requirements.

We are committed to continuous innovation and improvement we also host workshop events with our clients to support broad generic feature capability for our system development to suit all airlines which you will be invited to.

Our friendly Helpdesk team is on hand to assist with any questions you may have. Using a prioritised ticket tracking system, they will ensure you receive the help you need within the agreed SLA terms. We also provide 24 hour support for critical emergencies should you need urgent support quickly.

Working in partnership with our clients to roadmap products