EFOS Training Management Suite

EFOS Training Management Suite

Supporting EBT, ATQP, and Classic training programmes, the EFOS Training Management Suite is a sophisticated cloud-based solution designed exclusively for the aviation sector. Used by commercial and cargo airlines across the world, the EFOS TMS offers a comprehensive suite of tools to suit individual airline training processes across the web and iPad.
EFOS Training Management Suite
supporting EBT, ATQP & Classic Training Programmes

An established, cloud-based solution, the EFOS TMS is designed to streamline your internal aviation training processes, support regulatory compliance, and deliver critical analytical insights to improve operational efficiencies and drive cost benefits.

Supporting EBT, ATQP, and Classic training programmes, the EFOS TMS offers intelligent training forms and records, supporting qualification management, candidate progression tracking, and exception reporting. Approved for use by regulatory bodies worldwide, it provides powerful opportunities for data validation, automation, and analysis with robust and insightful reports.

Explore some of the features of our TMS below:

EFOS TMS Features:
Intelligent Training Forms
Powerful Data Insights
Course Management
Exams & Surveys
Dedicated iPad App
Intelligent Training Forms
Intelligent Training Forms

The electronic training records and forms within the EFOS TMS are designed and proven to deliver high levels of data entry automation and validation with extremely low error rates, offering a high return on investment through increased operational efficiency.

We work with our clients to configure the forms on their behalf, using our expertise to minimise the impact on valuable airline resources, whilst harnessing our extensive experience of designing intelligent training forms and workflows.

Features & Benefits:
  • Sophisticated Form Design

Designed and proven to deliver high levels of data entry automation and validation, the EFOS training forms allow you to easily and accurately capture crucial data required for aviation training programmes. Providing a seamless end user experience, our intelligent forms are designed to be intuitive and effortless, allowing your trainers the headspace to focus on their trainees and not on trying to use complicated software.


  • Minimal Resource Impact

Our dedicated team of analysts will work with you to design and configure the training forms on your behalf, minimising the impact on valuable airline resources allowing for quicker and easier implementation. Highly experienced with a deep understanding of aviation training requirements and efficient form design, our team will guide you through to ensure all forms are designed to perfectly fit your training requirements.


  • Critical Data Capture

High levels of accurate data capture within the training forms allow you to track qualifications and expiry dates, supporting regulatory compliance and providing a comprehensive oversight of upcoming training requirements.


  • Qualification & Expiry Date Management

Qualifications and expiry dates can be renewed through the submission of forms, courses, or exams, to reduce the impact on training administration teams. The home page traffic light RAG status for qualifications provides effortless visual indication of validity status for both training teams and crew. This allows management to clearly and quickly see if a crew member is fully qualified to fly and highlights any upcoming expiries through customised rule sets. Expiry dates for passports, medicals, licences, and visa documentation are also supported.


  • Extensive Automation & Validation

Extensive automation and data validation within the training forms aids accurate data entry, significantly  reducing error rates to streamline operational processes and promote cost benefits.


Powerful Data Insights
Powerful Data Insights

Our integrated analysis engine transforms the critical data captured by your training forms into visual graphs and reports allowing you to surface key commercial, compliance, and audit information. Analytical reports can be configured to suit ATQP and EBT programmes, providing your training team with invaluable data insights at their fingertips.

Features & Benefits:
  • ATQP & EBT Support

A robust set of analytical tools within EFOS will perform the necessary data analysis required to support ATQP and EBT programmes, including instructor concordance and standardisation.


  • Identify Individual Training Needs

Our highly intelligent forms collect the crucial data required to allow for in-depth analysis of candidate performance to highlight individual training needs, transforming the training experience for flight crew.


  • Build Focused Dashboards

Combine charts and grids to build focused dashboards, allowing your training team to have greater oversight of valuable training data.


Course Management
Course Management

Specifically designed to handle the long-term nature, complexity, and tracking required for type rating, operator conversion, and command upgrade training courses, Course Management allows your training team to have greater oversight of training programmes and candidate performance. From ground school through to simulator and line training, the EFOS TMS enables competency assessments and regulatory checks at the appropriate stages, providing clear visibility of individual performance and course progression.

Features & Benefits:
  • Course & Trainee Management

With the EFOS TMS, you can easily track candidate and course progression and performance, with any areas of concern or outstanding performance clearly highlighted, allowing for a deep understanding of individual and overall training requirements.


  • Syllabus Tracking

Quickly and easily ascertain if any syllabus items need to be repeated or have been deferred from previous training sessions, keeping your candidates and trainers on track.


  • Streamlined Training

Integrations with third-party Learning Management Systems allow courses to be automatically updated with training results, giving training teams greater visibility of course progression. Similarly, course progress can be updated from completed EFOS exams and training forms, greatly reducing administration time.


  • Enhanced Communication

Unified comments allow trainees, trainers, and administrators to communicate efficiently, providing transparent feedback channels to enable the ongoing improvement and development of training courses.


  • Offline Capability

Through our dedicated iPad app, trainers can have access to candidate training history offline, enabling full overview of past performance. Forms can also be completed within the app, with all changes automatically syncing once an internet connection is established.

Exams & Surveys
Exams & Surveys

Our optional Exams and Surveys module allows you to configure your own exams and surveys via the exam builder and editor. Exams can be distributed via custom or built-in resource groups and can be configured to form part of a course syllabus, automatically updating course results and requirements as the candidates’ progress through their training. They can also be constructed with set pass rates and number of attempts in line with training guidance.

Surveys can also be easily configured to create effective feedback channels, enabling students to provide crucial feedback to their trainers on the course content and training experience.

Features & Benefits:
  • Configurable Permissions

Training Administrators can control exam management through configurable system permissions, with only selected users able to access and distribute exams.


  • Effective Exam Management

Exam questions and questions banks can be bulk imported for quick and easy set-up. This module offers a range of randomisation techniques including presenting different answers each time or randomising the order of questions and answers. Exams can be scheduled to go live on certain dates, likewise they can also be configured to have a deadline.


  • Automatic Notifications

Exams can be configured to be part of a course syllabus, automatically updating requirements when the exam has been undertaken. Notification of failures can also be configured to ensure the training management team has full oversight of course and candidate progression.


  • Open Communication

Surveys can be configured to collect crucial trainee feedback, allowing for enhance communication between trainees and trainers.

Dedicated iPad App
Dedicated iPad App

Our iPad app extends the EFOS user experience with feature functionality of the web through native iOS controls. Historic training records for candidates can also be accessed through the app, providing a holistic overview of past performance, and aiding the identification of overall training needs and candidate strengths and weaknesses.

Features & Benefits:
  • Offline Capability

Our dedicated iPad app provides true offline capability, allowing training forms to be completed during Sim sessions or line training. 


  • Live Validation

Data entry is validated live, with formatted tags and helpful hint text standardising and improving data accuracy. In progress forms are synced between web and iPad allowing data entry in multiple sessions.


  • Native iOS controls

Native iOS controls provide full feature capability of EFOS web across the app. It can be deployed via the enterprise App store or via an enterprise deployment.


  • Dark Mode

Easily accessible, dark mode allows you to switch between light and dark mode to suit external operating environments and personal preferences. Careful consideration has been given to the colour palettes used to ensure the combination works best to reduce eye strain.

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EFOS has significantly reduced the burden of paper while speeding up and improving our training processes and through the automation significantly reducing error rates and simplifying compliance. Also, by blending training feedback, actual experience and regulatory compliance, EFOS has certainly met the needs of our ATQP for flexibility in pilots’ simulator training.

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