EFOS Leave Management Suite

EFOS Leave Management Suite

EFOS Leave is a powerful vacation management tool designed exclusively for the aviation industry. Through the application of bespoke validation rules, it democratises the entire end-to-end vacation management process.
EFOS Leave Management Suite

Outdated leave systems still involving paper requests can be resource intensive and inefficient.

A sophisticated vacation booking system, the EFOS Leave Management Suite has been exclusively designed to handle the complex rules and requirements of the aviation industry. EFOS Leave allows for effective commercial planning and rostering whilst integrations with internal systems provide a holistic overview of staff availability.

Through the application of bespoke validation rules it democratises the entire end-to-end vacation management process. Coupled with sophisticated data analysis, EFOS Leave provides opportunities for trend spotting and effective resource scheduling. This improves commercial operating efficiency through levelling fluctuating demand and avoiding staff shortages.

Infinitely scalable, the EFOS Leave Management Suite is cloud-hosted, making it perfect for airlines and aviation companies of all sizes.


EFOS Leave Management Suite:
Vacation Bidding
Fair & Deterministic Prioritisation
Streamlined Vacation Management
Intuitive Crew Interface
Vacation Bidding
Vacation Bidding

EFOS Leave offers vacation bidding functionality through bidding windows. These customisable interfaces provide the mechanism for staff to request time-off.

Features & Benefits:
  • Prioritised Bidding

Administrators can define and create bidding windows that can remain open for a specified amount of time, during which staff can submit multiple requests for leave. This leave will stay in a pending state until administrators close the window and run the allocation process, during which all vacation requests are allocated according to bespoke validation rules.


  • Immediate Bidding

Immediate bidding is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, with staff receiving immediate feedback on their vacation requests. All customised validation rules are still applied throughout this process.


  • Waitlist

EFOS Leave also offers a waitlist function. When a staff member requests vacation time through immediate bidding which is subsequently refused due to lack of availability, their request can be held in a holding pool in case the time becomes available later. This process can either happen automatically or manually.

Fair & Deterministic Prioritisation
Fair & Deterministic Prioritisation

EFOS Leave offers a structure whereby staff requests are fairly and accurately prioritised, democratising the entire end-to-end vacation management process. We can support any prioritisation rules required to suit individual requirements, but most of our customers use either points or seniority-based prioritisation.

Features & Benefits:
  • Points Based Prioritisation

Staff members accrue a personal points value which is directly driven by their previous booking history. Each day of the vacation year will carry a points value which is then applied to the personal points total once successfully booked. These values can be managed by administrators so that peak times, such as public holidays, Summer, and Christmas, can incur a higher point penalty.


  • Seniority Based Prioritisation

Vacation requests can be allocated based on the staff member’s seniority, usually within their current rank or based on their period of employment with the company.


  • Bespoke Validation Rules

EFOS Leave supports a wide range of bespoke validation rules to suit individual requirements in line with contractual and union agreements.


  • Allowances

Vacation allowance can be allocated on an annual or monthly basis. Enhanced leave can also take into account contract considerations such as part-time contracts, fixed days, or buffer days.

Streamlined Vacation Management
Streamlined Vacation Management

Integrations with external systems streamline the entire, end-to-end vacation management process. EFOS currently interfaces with numerous third-party systems for the purposes of bi-directional data exchange.

Features & Benefits:
  • HR System Integrations

Integrations with your HR system will allow for automatic updates to staff profiles and allocation allowances, removing the need for manual updates and duplication of work.


  • Rostering System Integrations

Integrations with your rostering system will allow approved leave to be pushed through to operational teams, providing a holistic overview of crew availability.


  • Automated Processing

EFOS Leave supports multiple bespoke processes, including automatic generation of vacation allowance, availability, cut-off dates and carry over, among many others.

Intuitive Crew Interface
Intuitive Crew Interface

The EFOS Leave Management Suite has been designed with crew members in mind. Through the self-serve portal, crew can book, amend, and cancel their leave requests at any time, removing unnecessary administration for crew resource departments. Crew retain full control of their vacation bidding, leading to improved morale.

Features & Benefits:
  • User Control

EFOS Leave puts the crew member back in control of their leave, allowing them to book, amend, and cancel their vacation requests. User roles are configurable through many parameters, but the main 3 our customers use are Fleet, Rank, and Base.


  • Enhanced Visibility

EFOS Leave provides crew with clear visibility of their vacation requests, status, allowances, history, and any waitlisted requests. Where applicable, crew also have visibility of their points to better understand how their decisions will affect them in the future, offering unprecedented transparency.


  • Administrator Access

Administrators can impersonate users to assist them with booking or amending their vacation requests, and have the ability to fully create and manage user accounts. They can bypass any validation rules within the system to fully manage the overall vacation request process and retain full control.

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