EFOS Flight Management Suite

EFOS Flight Management Suite

Flight Management captures flight journey log information, flight folders, alert event and safety reporting and enables commercial analysis of the associated data to deliver a lean Airline operating environment. All of our Airlines have integrations running with their other operating systems to maximise data efficiency.
EFOS Flight Management Suite

The Electronic Journey Log (EJL) module allows crew to record their flight and duty information digitally using the Apple iPad. The EJL fulfils the regulatory compliance for commander’s reporting and adds in the ability to capture valuable operational and business data whilst eliminating illegible, error prone and expensive paper processes. Data can be extracted to provide a variety of commercial benefits by surfacing and sharing key information across operational teams, which are controlled by roles and workflows, once the journey log has been submitted. The EJL can be completed offline during flight and requires just a quick sync when connectivity is available to upload to the EFOS server and begin the timely dissemination of data throughout the airline.

EJL data and functionality can assist with the following lean operational cost analysis, focus and improvements:

  • Business intelligence reports improve efficient fuel use by capturing and publishing expected fuel burn performance.
  • Data integrity is significantly improved with customisable validation
  • Reduction in filing and storage of paper records offers multiple cost savings
  • Improved monitoring of efficient delivery of services and suppliers to aircraft
  • Duty arrival times can identify links between OTP and staff late arrival and other SOP disparities or risks that link to duty times such as flight time limitations.
  • Visibility of ground handling service costs enables reactive cost saving
  • OTP dashboard data can be analysed for delays
  • Efficient collection of clean data and the built in data rules helps satisfy the Annual Emission Reports and Tonne-Kilometre Reporting required for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Safety and event reporting allows in flight events or issues to be managed and tracked via an auditable process
EFOS Flight Management Suite:
Journey Log Design
Operational Features
Data Entry
Flight Folders
Query Engine and Analysis
Feeds and Interfaces
Journey Log Design
Journey Log Design
Journey Log Design
  • Flexible form design using template/section/question/sub-question structure.
  • Data capture layout can be amended without any app update.
  • Wide variety of data entry controls allowing quick and accurate data capture.
  • Simple calculated fields can be configured to show and verify data.
  • Questions can be tagged to allow attachments to be uploaded.
  • Questions can have reference fields to operational manuals or authority requirements.
  • Questions can be pre-populated with default answers to reduce data entry.
  • Static instruction text fields.
  • Rich text (HTML) description fields for guidance and instruction.
  • Interactive image controls allow ink annotation of embedded diagrams.
  • Question specific or shared lookup lists for performance indicators.
  • Advanced data collection for training codes, compensation and extra fuel.
  • Crew information (e.g. crew member, position, operating role) can be pre-populated.
  • Information dialogs can be configured to popup when answer values change.
  • Dynamic questions allow sub-questions to be presented based on selected answer (e.g. open performance indicator sub-questions for low grades).
  • Visibility rules can be configured to control what data is collected based on certain conditions.
  • User accounts can be fully created and managed via staff administration pages.
  • Configurable user role with airline specific properties such as rank, fleet, base.
  • Audit trail of role changes, logins, password resets.
  • Users can login via username, staff number or email address.
  • Self serve password resets or redirection to company service desk.
  • Accounts can be locked, archived and excluded from reporting.
  • Accounts and logins are synchronised between web and iPad app.
  • Airline controlled shutdown of site for emergency incident management
Operational Features
Operational Features
Operational Features
  • Journey log download window is configurable by time and target pilot group.
  • Orphaned data can be retained and used by admin users to complete missing data.
  • Crew can be emailed when journey log is completed and uploaded.
  • Journey log summary is available when signing off for added verification.
  • Flight folders can be made available to the journey log, manually created or via feed.
  • OOOI times can be pushed through to the journey log to stop pilots entering incorrect times.
  • Push notifications can be configured and sent to the iPad at certain trigger points.
  • ETS reporting.
  • Journey log data can be pushed back to the ops system of the airline during upload.
  • Missing data can be entered by admin users using the same validated data entry process.
  • EU-ETS analysis is available for a full audit trail.
Data Entry
Data Entry
Data Entry
  • Journey log split into sector/duty data and fully customisable.
  • Quick navigation between sections of the journey log.
  • Data can be input offline and signed/uploaded at the end of the duty when back online.
  • Simple validation performed during data entry process.
  • Advanced validation available before signing journey log.
  • Gross errors can be configured.
  • Custom data entry controls available to ensure accurate and easy data entry.
  • Lookup lists ensure structured data is collected.
  • Custom validation messages.
  • Date ranges and date ordering, e.g. end time must be before start time.
  • Date validation relative to date of flight being submitted, e.g. cannot submit flight in the future.
  • Attachments can be flagged as mandatory, or a specified number of attachments per question.
  • Soft validation to warn the pilot about potential data errors.
  • Calculated fields such as time or fuel differences.
Flight Folders
Flight Folders
Flight Folders
  • Flight folder contents are configurable through the site.
  • Folders can be either manually created or automated via data feed.
  • Versions of the flight folder can be created and published
  • Folder contents can be updated/synced directly from within the journey log.
Query Engine and Analysis
Query Engine and Analysis
Query Engine and Analysis
  • All reports fully exportable to Excel, CSV or XML.
  • Reports can be viewed online, exported by email or sent via SFTP via scheduled tasks.
  • Reports can be sorted or filtered by column headings or report specific controls.
  • Standard audit pages to show journey log data.
  • Integrated analysis engine to report on flight data models using grid and chart based views.
  • Charts and grids can be combined to build focused dashboards.
  • Can be used to support data collection and monitoring.
  • Powerful filtering, chart types and drilldown options.
  • Data caches to improve query response time and navigation over large datasets.
  • Distribute charts and reports using granular permissions and user groups.
  • Data can be exported in CSV, Excel or XML format and a variety of common image formats.
Feeds and Interfaces
Feeds and Interfaces
Feeds and Interfaces
  • Flight data feed is a mandatory setup requirement.
  • Support for scheduled imports and exports.
  • Monitored jobs with error reporting and escalation emails.
  • Support for external web services, API or SFTP files.
  • Staff Import from sources such as AD, HR systems or airline operational systems.
  • Export of journey log data back to ops system.

See the schematic opposite showing an example of the integrations we have for some of our clients to support data.

leave requests processed per year
journey logs
total users
electronic forms

The EFOS journey log allows us to capture commercial, compliance (such as FTL and recency) and on time performance data through a highly pilot friendly interface which Evoke have integrated very effectively with our other operating systems to maximise data reporting capability.

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