The EFOS EBT Solution

EBT Programme Elements

Our Training Management Suite has been developed to include the following EBT elements:

efos ebt identify training needs

Identification of Training Needs

Clever validation within EFOS forms allows for the pinpointing of individual training needs for flight crew

Efos ebt assessment and grading

Assessment & Grading System

The built-in VENN Grading System is an objective method of recognised assessment, providing consistent grading of pilot performance

Efos ebt competencies framework

Competency Framework

The framework as published in ICAO Document 9995 and supported by EASA in NPA 2018-07 (B) has been adopted within the EFOS system

Efos ebt competency mapping

Competency Mapping

Existing scenarios and competency mapping recommended by ICAO are built-in to the system. New scenarios can be added with identified appropriate competency mapping

Efos ebt malfunctions

Malfunction Clustering

Major malfunctions are classified by characteristic rather than by the system malfunction. These characteristics are designed to be covered with the appropriate frequency within the EFOS system

Efos ebt approach

Approach Clustering

Different types of conduct of approach with similar methodologies are clustered together to reduce the number of different approach types flight crew have to perform

Efos ebt instructor concordance

Instructor Concordance

Robust analytical tools perform the necessary analysis supporting instructor concordance assurance programmes

Efos ebtdata analysis

Data Analysis

Intelligent built-in validation allows for the collection of critical data to compile crucial EBT analytical reports

Want to know more about implementing EBT?

Check out our article "An Introduction to EBT" for a comprehensive overview of Evidence Based Training, how it came to be, and how you can implement it within your airline.

The EFOS EBT Solution

We have undertaken extensive research and consultation to design and develop an innovative solution to help airlines looking to implement EBT. Our suite of tools are designed to help operators develop and plan a compliant EBT programme. 

Explore the key EBT elements of our Training Management Suite below: