15th October 2021

Live Webinar Series: The EFOS Leave Management Suite

Our Live Webinar Series is back!

Hosted by long-standing media partners Aircraft IT, our live webinar series is back! 

Join us on Thursday 21st October for a live demonstration of the EFOS Leave Management Suite and discover how we could help democratise your entire end-to-end vacation management processes, leading to increased staff morale and operational efficiency. 

Evoke Lead Developer Kire Simonovski will guide you through the EFOS Leave Management Suite, showcasing some of the clever features and functionality that could help transform your vacation management processes, and will be on hand afterwards to answer any questions you may have.

With 2 sessions available, simply pick the time that best suits you:

Webinar #1

Streaming live 06:30 UTC

Webinar #2

Streaming live 14:30 UTC

The EFOS Leave Management Suite

Outdated vacation management systems still involving paper requests can be resource intensive and inefficient. 

A sophisticated vacation booking system, EFOS Leave has been designed exclusively for the aviation industry allowing it to be easily adapted to suit each airline’s leave rule requirements and offers the following benefits:


Our fully paperless system will enable minimal ongoing resource input and offer scalability in line with future growth plans.


Improve your data accuracy and minimise data duplication through integrations with HR and rostering systems. 


Increase operational efficiency of your vacation bidding and management processes, and gain critical insights into fluctuating demand and staffing levels.


Democratise your end-to-end vacation management processes through the transparent, fair and deterministic application of bespoke validation rules.

Check out our short introductory video on the EFOS Leave Management Suite ahead of our live webinar sessions to see how it could help transform your vacation management processes for your airline.

EFOS Leave Management

Highly customisable through the application of bespoke rules, the EFOS Leave Management Suite has been designed to democratise airline leave processes, administering leave requests in a fair and deterministic manner. Powerful data analysis opportunities allow for the trend spotting and effective resource scheduling, improving commercial operating efficiency.

Our live webinar sessions are hosted by media partners Aircraft IT

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