Forgotten who we are? Here’s a reminder…

November has been a whirlwind of a month and our recent visit to the European Airline Training Symposium in beautiful Cascais made us realise we’ve been far too quiet.  Whilst we’ve been busy supporting our customers and developing our products, we haven’t always communicated regularly with the wider world.

Sometimes at Evoke, we’re not always the best at shouting about what we do. We thought it was a good time to remind you who we are, how we can help, and what makes us different from other software vendors.

Powerful flight-ops tools built for future-focused airlines

This is our core purpose — the reason we get up in the morning. More specifically, our cloud software solutions streamline crew training, vacation management, and document management and compliance processes for airlines, replacing the slow and error-prone manual systems that are often used.

We help airline professionals overcome common challenges, such as:


      • Labour-intensive systems that are reliant on spreadsheets or paper

      • Missing or inaccurate records and data

      • Processes that lack transparency and clear audit trails

      • Disjointed IT systems that don’t talk to one another

      • Limited insights and business intelligence

    Each of our products focuses on a different aspect of airline efficiency — EFOS Training, EFOS Leave and EFOS Documents — but they all have one purpose: to enable your teams to be more informed, engaged and organised, so they can work more efficiently and safely.

    What makes us different?

      • Our solutions are completely scalable, making them highly cost effective for all sectors of aviation — major airlines, regional operators, and even private fleets. Our EFOS product range is used by carriers like Ryanair and TUI, as well as AirTanker, Air Malta and Loganair.


      • We really look after our customers and build long-term relationships. Our implementations are fully managed, and we’ll work with you as one team, providing outstanding customer service. That’s why our customers choose to stick with us and even recommend us to others. For instance, we’ve worked with DHL, TUI, and Flydubai for over ten years.


      • You’ll get transparent pricing, with no hidden costs or limits. We charge a setup fee, which covers project implementation, and a monthly subscription, which is based on the number of users you have. This subscription enables us to provide licensing, hosting, ongoing maintenance, and first-class support.

      • We are aviation experts. Evoke was co-founded by a highly experienced pilot and captain, and a data mining specialist who remains our CEO today. We understand the common challenges faced by airlines and have the technology and expertise to overcome these.

    How we do things

    So, what can you expect when you work with Evoke? Firstly, you can expect ‘excellence’ — it’s our cultural watchword and encapsulates our drive to meet the highest standards in everything we do. We’re continually asking, can we do this better?

    On top of that, our company values are:


      • Own it — We take pride in everything we commit to

      • Outmanoeuvre — We challenge convention whilst being pragmatic

      • One team — We share knowledge and support one another

    By working in this way, we deliver an outstanding service to you and a suite of products that are truly world-class.

    Ready to find out more?

    You can learn more about our solutions on these pages:


      • EFOS Training for more accurate training records and course management, with valuable data insights.

      • EFOS Leave for a faster, fairer and more transparent vacation management process.

    If you’re ready to talk to us or request a demo, great — head over to our contact us page.

    Product implemented

    Before EFOS

    Air Malta was struggling with a leave management process that was highly complex and labour intensive. Each leave request had to be processed manually, which meant pilots and cabin crew were forced to wait a long time to get confirmation of their leave.


    After EFOS

    EFOS Leave replicated the airline’s custom validation rules in the new digital platform. This made the transition smoother, as these rules were already accepted by both union representatives and crew members.


    What they said

    “The project was delivered very swiftly, enabling Air Malta’s team to quickly realise the benefits of the new software. The team at Evoke were committed and totally onboard for this project. The system was easy to understand, and help was always found along the project.”
    Caroline Zammit