14th December 2018

El Al renews contract with Evoke for EFOS Flight Management Journey Log and EFOS Training and Course Management

Evoke are delighted to announce that El Al have renewed another long-term contract which includes continued use of the EFOS Training Management Suite, the Flight Management Journey Log Suite and other bespoke modules used by the airline which are supported by several integrations across other operating systems within the airline.

El Al are taking up the new EFOS Course Management, Qualifications and Role Profile Roadmap developments that were launched by Evoke for easyJet, Ryanair and AirTanker along with other new clients of Evoke in the last 12-18 months. The system allows transparent monitoring of trainee progress and syllabus progress from a granular level up to very intuitive high-level views to check simply that role profile and qualification requirements are met, so that flight crew are valid for flight. The new developments also incorporate mixed fleet flying and manage complex rules for AQP/ATQP and EBT compliance regimes.

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