16th October 2020

EFOS Leave Management Suite Live Webinar

Join us as on Thursday 22nd October 2020 we guide you through the EFOS Leave Management Suite, a sophisticated and customisable web-based system designed exclusively for the aviation industry that fully automates and manages an airline’s entire leave allocation process for all airline staff.


As you will see, EFOS Leave can be easily adapted to suit any airline’s leave requirements and complex validation rules, ensuring all leave requests are processed in a fair and deterministic manner.

Examples of supported validation rules include: rolling cut-off dates, restrictions around peak times such as Public Holidays, Summer and Christmas, minimum and maximum vacation length, first-come first-served requests, seniority based allocation and points based allocation, and more.

Through fully automated leave processing, EFOS Leave allows for effective commercial planning and rostering, whilst integrations with internal systems provide administration teams with a holistic overview of crew availability. The unique embedded intelligence and controlled logic within the validation rules minimise error rates and reinforce the fair and deterministic nature of the leave request process, providing airline staff with quicker feedback on their requests leading to improved morale.

During this Webinar, the EFOS Leave Management Suite will be demonstrated from the end user perspective, showcasing the instinctive nature of the software. The intuitive user interface will be demonstrated from the staff’s perspective, allowing them to book, cancel or amend their requests, ensuring they stay in control of their leave, whilst dramatically smoothing the administration process, enabling effective resource allocation throughout the airline.

You will also see how the system operates from the administrator’s perspective, showing how valuable data can be extracted from EFOS Leave to help spot trends and design more effective resourcing and leave planning, leading to increased operational efficiency. Plus, you will see advanced features such as: Slot Groups, Staff Time Line, Year Details, Allowances, Prioritised Bidding, Immediate Bidding, Waitlist, External Update Handler and more.


Thursday 22nd OCtober at 06:30 UTC

Thursday 22nd OCtober at 14:30 UTC

Want more information on our EFOS Leave Management Suite? Why not watch our introductory video below: 

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