Our History

Different by Data Design

Evoke Founders

Founded in 2003 by Captain Mark Linney and Dr Craig Howard, Evoke provide trusted, innovative, and scalable software solutions exclusively to the worldwide aviation sector across flight operations, crew training, and vacation management.

With a strong focus on data, our industry leading solutions across the web and iPad support our customers with compliance in a heavily regulated industry, providing critical analytical insights and streamlining operational efficiencies to drive cost benefits and improve staff satisfaction.

Through unparalleled levels of customer service, we work collaboratively with our customers, developing and sustaining strong, long-term relationships that promotes value and excellence in everything we do.

Where it all began...

At a time when the internet was still in its infancy and consumer software operating systems were considered unreliable, they both visualised the potential safety, commercial, and practical benefits of the paperless cockpit.

The company began with a DTI Smart award to conduct a feasibility study into the concepts of an electronic flight operations system. This nine-month project established the technical feasibility of the system and outlined the requirements of the pilots, cabin crew, regulators (CAA/EASA/FAA), and airline managers. The results also identified suitable hardware equipment, software processes and architecture, human factor issues, and regulatory requirements. One thing highlighted was the challenges and high costs faced by airlines in communicating with a global and highly mobile workforce.

“Vital safety and security information needed to go out to a dispersed workforce in a timely and auditable way. At the same time important data was frequently being ‘lost’ in the paper-trail that flowed back to HQ. Essentially our company was founded to improve these unreliable, unscalable, and expensive paper-based processes.”

Evoke Founders

Evoke’s culture is built around the notion that everyone in the business is part of a much larger team that works together with the client to deliver a safe airline operation whilst making the most of the benefits that come from efficient and scalable operating processes. These principles are firmly rooted in the training and induction of all staff recruited to our team. We aim to foster a genuine interest and passion for aviation, with every employee experiencing the work environment of flight crew through handling the controls of a modern full-mission flight simulator. 

Our Mission Statement

To provide trusted, commercial, innovative and scalable software solutions, supported by excellent customer service to deliver operational efficiency to the worldwide aviation sector.

We promote a socially responsible culture, where staff enjoy coming to work, are rewarded for their demonstrable talents and empowered and inspired to be commercially innovative.

We grow prosperity to an extent that enables sufficient product reinvestment and provides a suitable return to investors.