Tailored EBT Training Forms

Our suite of tailored EFOS EBT forms provide a seamless end user experience, with built-in data automation and validation capturing critical information required for EBT programmes. 

Explore our prototype forms below:

Evaluation Phase

The scenarios detailed within the EBT Programme for each module will populate the form when the appropriate module is selected. 

This form also crucially captures the LPC / OPC items when in Mixed Implementation. These items can become excluded when Mixed Implementation is complete. 

The completion of the competency assessment leads to the determination of individual training needs. As recommended by EASA in the draft regulations, if the competency is graded at 2 or below, a further level of assessment will need to be performed. The necessary observable behaviours and whether or not they were demonstrated can also be captured. 

When the form is completed, the certificate, as shown here will then be created, with the outcome of the competency assessment and the identification of training needs. 

Manoeuvres Validation

Whilst under Mixed Implementation, the remaining LPC and OPC items will need to be signed off during this phase. These can be identified from their Appendix 9 references. These will be populated from the items that were selected in the Programme Designer when planning the EBT Programme. 

Under Mixed Implementation, the LPC and OPC items need to be signed off as per existing practices, however, you will see that the new EBT items only need confirmation that they were completed. 

Normal and Abnormal Operations, and Abnormal and Emergency Procedures still need to be completed under Mixed Implementation, which the form allows to be captured.

Once the form has been completed in its entirety, a the certificate shown will then be produced.

Once an operator has successfully completed the Mixed Implementation Phase of EBT, this will become the Manoeuvres Training Report Form. 

Scenario Based Training

This form is used to record the outcome of the training delivered to suit individual training needs determined during the evaluation phase.

The Training Scenarios will be pre-determined by the Programme Designer. As an example, if 6 training topics need to be covered, then 2 option scenarios could be made available for each to maintain the element of surprise.

A handy competency matrix tool will highlights the relevant competency mapping for each scenario, ensuring the scenarios chosen by the instructor are appropriate for the competencies that need to be addressed. This gives the instructor flexibility in choosing scenarios for training.

Special Airport Approval items can be included within this form, where necessary. 

Under Mixed Implementation, OPC requirements will still need to be satisfied to maintain an LVO qualification. 

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