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1st January 2013

Case Study Training & Flight Management Systems

The project involved setting up the EFOS Training Management Suite to Pilots and cabin Crew.

The Project

The project involved setting up the EFOS Training Management Suite to Pilots and cabin Crew. This included Training Forms, Exams and Analysis and alongside this, the EFOS Flight Management Suite on our iPad application. This included the Journey Log, Flight Folders and Commercial Query and Analysis.  For the training system we worked with the airline to understand the current paper based system and implemented over 80 forms to facilitate this.  We also carried out a collaborative design process to deliver a journey log design that captured all of the information that was necessary at the time including integrations with the airlines existing flight planning and rostering systems.

EFOS Flight and Training Management Suites allow us to capture commercial, compliance (such as FTL and recency) and on time performance data through a highly pilot friendly interface which Evoke have integrated very effectively with our other operating systems to maximise data reporting capability and meet compliance requirements

Both teams worked closely together to deliver the training and flight management processes.  We also implemented several other forms to allow crew to inform the company of updated information such as: new passports, country specific visas and airside passes, qualification expiry to manage role profiles  Through exports back to the customers internal rostering systems this enables the airline to have an up to date picture of who is eligible to fly to each regular destination.


In 2018 we worked together to improve the existing implementation of the Flight Management Suite in response to regulatory change.  This involved working together to implement additional feeds and push notifications to allow the iPad application to receive near real time data such as take-off and landing times directly from the aircraft to reduce ambiguity in the customers internal systems.  With these improvements in place it now takes only a few minutes from when the aircraft enters the gate to all of the flight data returning to the Airline’s internal systems.  The Airline is also in the process of onboarding the new Course Management module within the Training Suite following renewing another five-year contract.