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3rd April 2017

Case Study Leave Management Suite

International airline with complex leave rules implements the Leave Management Suite.

The Project

The core requirement was to increase staff morale by replacing the entirely manual, sometimes error prone and resource hungry, opaque leave system currently employed within the airline. To achieve this, the goal was to successfully implement the airline’s complex prioritisation rules in a automatable and deterministic way so as to enable maximum clarity and feedback to the crew throughout their leaving bidding timetable.


Working closely with the existing leave and rostering team, along with crew representatives throughout the project, Evoke designed and built the system to match the requirements. The encapsulated rules matched the existing crew agreements whilst simultaneously allowing both the existing deferred prioritised system to become fully automated and a brand new first come first serve self-service process to be added alongside it.

The EFOS leave system delivered a fair, deterministic, transparent application of our very complex rules. It was easy to use for both administrators and users requiring minimal training due to its intuitive user interface. We are delighted with the system.”  Airline Project Manager


Training took place both face to face and via demos to make sure all stakeholders were happy with the new system and thorough user acceptance testing took place before the agreed go live date.

Multi fleet and base roster restrictions had to be managed within the allocated leave slots.


Once the initial information gathering and design meetings had been completed on-site, the project involved the deterministic rule implementation and custom user interface construction required to enable the crew to add the additional airline specific information used by the existing prioritised process.