We are thought leaders in our field who supply a range of solutions which replace and improve electronic and paper processes

EFOS is an intuitive web and iPad solution which delivers safety, compliance and efficiency to airline operators and their workforce


Training Solutions

  • Training

Electronic aviation authority compliant training forms along with on-line questionnaires and surveys which can be used to deliver technical refresher training and capture staff feedback.

  • Exams/surveys

Electronic exams and surveys for all staff, individuals or groups. Exams are automatically marked and results data made available for crew perusal, audit and intelligent analysis purposes.

  • Library

A definitive collection of up to date manuals and books giving crew members instant access to information and any important changes to safety procedures.

  • Reporting

Web based module create, manage and distribute reports, charts and dashboards across your airline


Efficiency Solutions

  • Journey Log

Web and iPad based journey log for the collection analysis and distribution of flight and crew related data including times, weights, fuels, services and duty periods.

  • Company Forms

Web and iPad based forms for recording and managing generic airline administration tasks and processes.

  • Leave Bidding

Web based leave booking and management system.

  • Shift Log

Web based shared and distributed electronic shift diaries.

  • Expenses

Web based crew expenses management system with reporting and export functionality.


Safety & Compliance Solutions

  • Safety Forms

Web and iPad based forms, workflows and assessments for recording and managing airline safety events.

  • Flight Folders

Web and iPad based distribution of flight related documents, e.g flight plan, flight brief, weather and NOTAMs.

  • Crew Notices

Web and iPad based document library supporting fully auditable read and sign capability.

Solutions are highly configurable and fully integrate with existing systems making every effort to ensure EFOS fits you and your airline’s needs